The virgin stretching beaches, lush green mangroves, migrating birds and turtles, the menacing estuarine crocodiles, meandering water courses, tranquil surrounding intercepted by the chirping of birds and the ever embracing nature, enthralls visitors from near and far off places to flock these unique places of tourist importance. Scientists, scholars, nature lovers and tourists have abundant food for thought and exploration. The scope of expanding the tourism is galore but it is to be harnessed. The enormous potential is to be tapped to bring the areas into the tourism map of India. Avenues for waster sport, cottages, marine voyages, nature's trail, hotels etc. are yet to be utilized to its potential. The Bhitarkanika National Park, the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and the ;Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary boast of natures most picturesque sites. The unique bio-diversity, becons the visitors to the natures lap. Publicity campaigns brings the facts to limelight, which is yet to catch up with the available avenues.

The serenity of the atmosphere at Dangmal makes it one of the most sought after place for tourists. Other attractions at Dangmal are Captive breeding & Research Centre for estuarine crocodile. Huge female crocodiles - Gori & Hydrabadi. Rare sight of Python and King Cobra staying together without harming each other in an enclosure.Interpretation Hall - Film shows on Bhitarkanika on request.

How to reach: It can be approached by road from Rajnagar via Khola Check gate. It is about 30 Kms. from Rajnagar by road. Dangmal can also be approached from Gupti by boat through Patsala river & then Bhitarkanika nala in that order. Gupti is about 25 Kms. from Rajnagar and Dangmal is 1 Hr. 15 minutees journey by boat from Gupti. Dangmal can be approached from Chandbali by boat in Baitarani, Brahmani & the Khola creek in the Bhitarkanika Nala in that order. Travelling by boat is advisable as it entails a thrilling experience.

Where to Stay:

Bamboo House – I - Suite
Double bedded Rs.600/- p.suite


Hental House – I, & II – Suites
Double bedded Rs. 100/- p.suite

Bani Bhaban-I & II – Suites
Four bedded Rs. 200/- p.suite.

New Cottage-I,II,III – Suites
Double bedded Rs.150/- p.suite

Round Cabin – 1 No.
Three bedded Rs.200/ p.suite

Deer Dormitory
12 bedded Rs.640/- for 12 beds

Service Tax extra.

A nature's trail in Bhitarkanika Forest Block over a stretch of 4.0 Kms. is a thrilling experience & a must for all nature lovers. Mangrove species give way to its associates like Kochila, Mankada Kendu as we move away from the creeks.

A number of meadows, fresh water ponds are the ideal places, one can look for chittals, water monitor lizard, migratory & resident birds. An ancient Siva temple, a silted white lotus pond & collapsed shooting block of King of Kanika brings back the memory of history of the place.

Gahirmatha on one side and Maipura river on the other. The amidst the Casuarina plantation is a lovely place to stay. Jackles, Hyena, Red jungle fowl, Chittals, Wild Boar abound the area. It is a paradise for bird watchers.Coconut Island, Wheeler Island, Nasi-I Island, Nasi - II Island, Babubali Island can be sighted from the

place. Lots of fresh air, exclusive space for morning walk under natural beauty of mangrove, Casuarina plantation & pristine sea beaches. If you are lucky, river dolphins may greet you on the river coast.

Where to Stay:

Round Cabin

2 nos suite, No of bed 4 nos
Rs.200/- per bed

Tented Accommodation

4 nos suite, No of bed 8 nos Rs.300/- per tent

It can be approached from Ekakula in about 30 minutes along Baunsagarh Nala & is an experience one ought to under-take to believe. The 2.54 Kms. trail from jetty across Baunsagarh nala to tourists cottage is a thrilling experience. Red jungle fowl, fishing cat, chital, wild boar, monitor lizard are the fauna to look out for. The exclusivity of the area, the lonely sea beaches makes it one of the finest places in Bhitarkanika

Where to Stay:

Havali House
Habali House – I,II – Suites
Four bedded Rs.200/- p.suite.

Log Cabin
Ten bedded Rs. 400/- for 10 beds.


It is a beautiful Island surrounded by Sapua river on one side, Dhamra river another side and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. The cottage is situated about kms. away from the jetty with a huge meadow in front. Lots of rhesus monkeys, chittals, Wild Boar, python and King Cobra inhabitate this island. Excoecaria species is the principal species.


How to reach:It is easily approachable from Chandbali and Dangmal.

One has to sail with a boat from Atharbanki nala jetty at Paradeep and move into Mahanadi river and then to back water of Jamboo to reach this picturesque island. An old and historic palace existing in broken form is the attraction.

Those who want to have the feel of mangrove forest, creeks, nallahs, without actually entering into a river, creek, nallah this is the right place to visit. About 20 Kms. from Rajnagar by road is an excellent awareness center with almost 30 species of mangrove species. The Baunsagarh nallah the beautiful Phoenix forest sighted from the roof top of the rest shed is a sight to remember for ever.

It is also entry point for Habalikhati.
Where to Stay:  One suite is available at Krishnapriyapur
for accommodation.

Batighar or False Point is approachable from Paradeep which is 1 hrs. boat journey from Atharabanki. The confluence point of river Mahanadi was used as a port in the British period. The devastating impact of cyclones has shifted the confluence point to the sought i.e. near Paradeep. The light house which is 120' high is still functioning to ward off the sailing ships from approaching the shores. This highly skilled engineering monument was built in the year 1838 for navigational purpose. The magnificent structure has held its head aloft inspite of many catastrophical effects of the nature. It is being maintained by the Directorate of Light Houses and Light Ships, Calcutta.

Where to Stay: 

At Bati Ghar

2 nos suite, No of bed 4 nos
Rs.150/- per suite

The stretch of virgin beach from Barunei mouth to Ekakula is a treat for the eye. The vast expanse of Bay of Bengal and the pollution free beach, beckons the tourists. The serene surrounding and the whistling breeze through the casuarina trees, cannot but enthrall a visitor. The cottages and the rest houses of Habalikhati and Ekakula respectively, built by Forest Department provides the accommodation for the tourists.


This is the nerve point for management of Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary. The Divisional headquarters is located at this place. It is the Tahasil and Block headquarters. Rajnagar is gateway to Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary


This is a potential site for developing turtle tourism. Pentha beach is known for regular nesting of ridleys. Plans are afoot to involve children and others in relocation of eggs from the beach to hatchery as a means of education. Easy approachability of Pentha/ Barunei beach is sure to attract foreign visitors for an enthralling encounter with ridleys in a serene atmosphere.


Guan Ghar (At Gupti)
Rest Shed – I, II – Suites
Double bedded Rs.150/- p.suite.

Guan Ghar – I & II – Suite
Double bedded Rs.150/- p.suite

Boat Details (Service Tax Extra)

Boat Details




Rate (RS.)


























MB-Kanika Sundari-1




MB-Kanika Sundari-2












Sayam Sundar



Nearest Airport:
Nearest Railway Station : Cuttack and  Bhadrak
Paradeep to turtle congregation zone 4 hrs. by mechanised vessels in river and sea.
Rajnagar to Pentha 1 hrs. by road 
Rajnagar to Barunei 1 hrs. by road.

For Further details on ECO-TOUR of Bhitarkanika please contact DFO Rajnagar, Kendrapara, Phone 91-6729-272460



Paradeep: Hotel & Rest Houses.
Dangmal:  Forest Rest Houses.
Ekakula:  Forest Rest Houses.
Habalikhati: Tourist Cottage.
Gupti : Forest Rest Shed.
Krushnapriyapur: Forest Rest shed.
Barunei/Pentha: Tourist cottage (being developed)

Note: For booking of accommodations apply by post or Fax along with Photo identity card and self addressed stamped envelope. Visitors are requested to intimate in advance for their food to Restaurant at Dangmal. No other cooking arrangement is permissible inside Protected Area of Bhitarkanika.

Meals / Tiffin's are available in canteen on payment of the following charges.

Veg                      Non-Veg                 Tiffin's                    Remarks.

Rs.50/- per meals        Rs.70/- per meals            Rs.25/- per tiffins           Other Special Items on separate cost & Order
  • Price is valid up to 31st December.

  • Price may change with short notice & as per market price of ration.

  • Maximum a group consisting of 12 persons are allowed for reservation of accommodation.

  • The day visitor per group is limited to carrying capacity of boat which is registered under Indian Water Transport Department.

  • Provision of guide is compulsory for all groups of visitor.

  • Guides are available from entry points at Gupti, Khola & Dangmal.             

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